Randall Hyman has traveled the globe on magazine assignments for over four decades covering natural history and travel topics from Northern Europe to South America to Asia to Africa. His photo essays and articles have appeared in Smithsonian, National Wildlife, Nature, Science, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Huffington Post, and various National Geographic publications. As a 2013 Fulbright Scholar in Norway and guest of the Norwegian Polar Institute, he covered field science and climate change in the Arctic for a number of organizations and publications. In 2015, he was the distinguished Josephine Patterson Albright Fellow of the Alicia Patterson Foundation, expanding on his coverage of Arctic climate change. In 2018, he spent a month traveling across Norway’s Finnmark region producing an oral history photographic exhibit about the Sámi, northern Europe’s only Indigenous people, which began touring North America in 2019. He continues to focus on Arctic topics and lecture on polar climate change across the United States and Europe.

Email: randall@randallhyman.com  |   Phone: 314-960-2109

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